Solar PV- Generate electricity from daylight hours

We supply solar pv modules which use the latest monocrystaline and multi-cell technologies which give high performance and thus guarantee the maximum amount of electricity possible for every kW you buy.

Solar PV- Generates Direct Current (DC) Electricity

Our National Grid cannot accept DC electricity and we therefore install an Inverter to convert the DC electricity into grid ready AC (alternating current) electricity. The AC electricity is then sent via an OFGEM meter (which records how much electricity you have generated) to your fuse-board, where the connection to the grid is made.

Solar PV allows you to use the free electricity that you generate, before drawing from the National Grid. If you require more electricity than the solar pv installation is providing, this will automatically be provided from the grid, without any disruption to the electricity supply. When you are generating more electricity than you use, the surplus goes back into the grid for national consumption.

Solar PV Benefits include:

Solar PV - Installation

We can install panels on pitched roofs and on flat roofs using our bespoke aluminium A frames. We can also supply pv panels in black to blend in with slate roofs.

A South, East or West facing installation at an angle of 25-40 degrees will be the most effective. All surveys are carried out by our in-house technical team.