Solar Thermal Heating

Solar thermal heating has been a very popular renewable energy choice in the India, with an estimated thousand of systems installed and in use. It is ideal for domestic, commercial and leisure markets where a regular demand for hot water exists. It is an attractive 'entry level' technology due to its relatively low installed cost.

Solar Thermal- Generate up to a possible 70% of your household hot water usage

Our solar heating installations have been proven to provide up to 70% of a property's year-round hot water demand. Benefits include lower fuel bills for the entire 25 year expected lifespan of the system, and a reduction in your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Our systems can work with most makes of boilers including the combination type.

Our solar collectors utilise selective-coated technology in order to maximize efficiency and it is no longer necessary to have bright sunshine to achieve solar gain from either a flat-plate or evacuated tube solar thermal system.

Solar Thermal for swimming pool heating:

The main advantage of heating a swimming pool by solar thermal is that the heat generated is free (after the initial installation costs) and the main disadvantage is that it is not possible to regulate the temperature because it is not possible to regulate the amount of solar gain.